5 Tips for Oven Maintenance

Oven cleaning is without a doubt one of the most disliked chores in the home and is a task that many homeowners choose to simply wish to overlook. Just like taking your car for a routine maintenance check at your local auto repair shop, your oven deserves the same kind of treatment, although you probably won’t take it to an actual repair shop and if you actually needed a repair technician, they will come to you. Dirty ovens can smell terrible and maintaining and cleaning your oven is essential to insure your oven will smell nice and last for years to come.

1.) Consult your oven’s warranty and manual stove and oven repair altadena. There are many different styles of oven, including self-cleaning, conventional, and continuous cleaning, and the style of your oven will determine how you care for it. Some ovens incinerate spilled foods with at a high temperature, and you can choose this oven function on the control panel. Other ovens must be cleaned by hand.

2.) Choose a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratches and abrasions. This should work well for items such as the broiler plate, range top, and oven racks. Remove items and clean thoroughly on both sides.

3.) Avoid using cleaning products directly on your control panel. Instead, apply them to a damp cloth before use. Make a point of cleaning stove-stop splashes on your control panel and range top and daily habit to prevent stains and residue that can be most difficult to remove.

4.) Wait until your oven is completely cool to clean all items, including windows. Choose a time to clean that is well after and before the next meal, so that you can clean efficiently, safely, and thoroughly.

5.) For ovens without a self-cleaning function, always use a cleaner specifically designed for ovens-not a general purpose cleaner. Different cleansers contain different chemicals that may or may not contaminate food. Using the proper cleanser ensures proper food safety. Make sure that you only use enough cleanser to get the job done, and wipe up remaining residue.

Oven maintenance can be very time-consuming and is one of the most put off job in someone’s kitchen. If don’t use specific cleaners for your oven you could end up damaging your oven. Follow the steps above to insure safe cleaning of your oven, and remember every oven is different and you’ll want to consult to the ovens manual for really specific cleaning and maintenance instructions. If you are afraid or uncomfortable of cleaning your oven or doing routine maintenance you can contact a local repair technician company in your area.

How to Maintain and Clean Your Parts Washer

A washer works hard to ensure that parts come out clean and ready for the next production process. To keep the machine working at a high level, it must be cleaned on a regular basis. The contamination removed from the parts does not magically disappear; it builds up in the tank and can greatly reduce performance. Performing a tank and system clean out is an important part of the routine maintenance a washer requires.

To begin the process, turn off the automatic water fill supply and remove the nozzles and filters for cleaning. Pay attention to the direction spray angles of the nozzles in relation to the flow of the parts through the washer. Most nozzles will have an indication, either a slit or indented line, which shows the angle. It will be important to replace the nozzles in the correct position.

After the nozzles and filters have been removed, add a washer cleaning chemistry to the current wash solution. Heat the new solution to 160F, or the highest level attainable. Turn on the pumps and let them run for 30 minutes.

Clean the sludge that has been removed during this process and replace the nozzles. NOTE: If you run the pump for an extended period without the nozzles, then the pump motor will not sense the appropriate back pressure and the pump will burn up. After replacing the nozzles, turn the pumps back on and let them run undisturbed for 4 to 8 hours and allow the solution to work on the tank. Once the time is up, pump or drain the solution from the tank washer repair pasadena.

Now that the solution is gone, remove the shed sheets. There are 1-2 of these flat metal sheets, and they are located below the conveyor that covers the tank in the majority of machines. The sheets normally will have a #-20 stainless steel bolt in one of the corners. Remove the bolt and allow the sheets to be moved forward or backward to gain access to the inside of the tanks. Also remove the marine clean out door on the side of the machine. Be careful not to damage the door during this procedure. If a seal is torn or damaged, replace it before the machine is refilled. Once these are moved, clean out any sludge, debris, or sediment from the tank bottom and sides.

Use a power washer to completely clean the interior of the machine, beginning at the top and moving down. Make sure to clean the heater elements, auto-fill valve, wash headers, and blow-off headers. Check all corners or other areas that could catch dirt.

Completely clean any oil removal devices, and flush the tank of the remaining dirty solution. Then remove the clean pump inlet screen and chip basket for cleaning. Wipe down the outside of the machine. Take some time to inspect the interior and exterior components of the machine for damaged or missing parts. Make notes of any damages or problems for repair.

Replace the shed sheets and the clean out doors, making sure that the doors are in good condition before doing so. Replace the doors in the reverse order from how they were removed, and then replace any other devices that were removed from the machine during cleaning. Place the nozzles back in their original position, making certain that they are at the correct angle and aim.

Refill the tank with a new solution of cleaning chemistry, and turn on the heat. Observe this process to make sure everything is running smoothly. Run the pumps and observe the gauge readings, making sure there are no more than 10-15PSI differences before filter and after filter. If there is, replace the filter.

Once the solution has reached the correct temperature, check the spray pattern on parts moving through to ensure the machine is running correctly. Remove the wash door, using a piece of Lexan the size of the door, and observe. If it is correct, replace the door.

Performing this maintenance on your washer will help keep it running efficiently for a long time. Cleaning out the debris and inspecting the main parts of the washer allow you to head off major maintenance problems before they become too large of a problem to deal with. The shut down in production time that will take place during cleaning is more desirable than the extended shut down which will inevitably occur if cleaning is not performed and maintenance goes unchecked.

Avoid the Winter Chill by Keeping Your Fireplace in Top Condition

The hard cold season can be rather daunting if you live in an area where winters are quite chilling. The chilling climatic conditions can bring extreme cold into your home no matter how insulated or well designed it is. In such weather, everybody dreams of the warmth emanating from a roaring fire in the fireplace. People who do not have fireplaces certainly dream of having one. If you are one of the house owners who desire to have a fireplace but dreads the mess created by it, your solution lies in the form of a gas fireplace repair company. Today, this service is provided by a lot appliance repair companies as well whirlpool stove and oven repair los angeles.

Appliance Repair Services

Now you can enjoy repairing and installation of your fireplace from your regular appliance repair company along with services such as refrigerator, oven, washer and dryer repair. These services not only provide gas log unit installation but also take care of the messy stuff such as chimney cleaning. You can have the fireplace installed in any part of your home or better yet, get your old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace replaced by the convenient and clean-burning gas fireplace. If you haven’t installed one yet, here are some benefits to help you make that decision.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

A gas log unit provides much needed heat without burning wood. Therefore, you don’t need to stock and store wood for your chilly winter. Modern fireplaces are extremely hassle free and you can light one with the remote or a simple flip of a switch. Now you don’t have to wait for the fire to build to get warm when you come home on a chilly evening. On top of that, you need to get a chimney cleaning or gas fireplace repair on very rare occasions.

There is very little need for maintenance with gas fireplaces since there are virtually no ashes and debris that usually result from the wood-burning fireplaces. Furthermore, gas fireplaces are extremely beneficial for homes where one or more members have conditions such as asthma or allergies. Smoke created from wood fires produces particles that pollute the air inside your home and can cause allergy attacks in addition to lung irritation.

Avoiding Pollution in Your Home

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves can be the primary sources of smoke pollution in your homes and create a considerable health hazard. However, long term exposure to gas log units can also pose health threats of its own if the unit is not in a prime condition or if you have prolonged the necessary gas fireplace repair. A properly kept fireplace and thoroughly cleaned chimney can be the difference between the allergies and the health of your family.

How to Keep Your Food Safe and Healthy in the Fridge

If you’ve ever opened the door to your refrigerator to discover and overwhelming and pungent smell of rotting food and general funkiness, then chances are that either it–or you–weren’t doing its job properly. There are several ways in which you can improve food safety in the fridge and knowing the correct way to use refrigeration technology is a big part of it. Correct refrigerator usage will ensure your food stays fresh, safe and hygienic for an optimum amount of time, saving you waste and money!

Temperature Control

Your fridge should be kept at 4 degrees Celsius. This is not so cold as to freeze your food, but it is adequately chilly to slow and prevent bacteria from making its way across your dinner! The temperature setting is usually located at the top of your fridge, possibly at the back, and will feature a dial with the temperature written on it. If you have things shoved up against the dial this could tamper with the settings so check it regularly to ensure it remains steady lg refrigerator repair pasadena.

Cover Up

It is incredibly important to cover all open containers or plate when you put them in the fridge. Not only does this prevent your dishes from drying out, it also stops the smell of that food infiltrating all other foodstuffs. Garlic-chicken flavoured yoghurt? No thank you.

Maintain Your Equipment

A fridge that is in good working order is the first thing you need to make sure this whole ‘chilled food’ caper gets off the ground. You can be as conscientious as you like with all the other elements, but if your fridge doesn’t work then you may as well just leave the food out in the open air. Most fridges come with a warranty, but even once that warranty has expired it’s a good idea to have a repair person pay you a visit if you start to notice anything amiss. It could be something relatively simple that can be fixed there and then, and getting onto problems as soon as you detect them is a surefire way to keep your fridge healthy.

Regular Cleaning

Things spill. Smells escape. It seems like a no-brainer but fridges get cleaned shockingly less-frequently than they should. Set yourself a ‘fridge cleaning morning’ once a month and remove and rotate all the items inside, wipe out the shelves and invest in some vanilla-scented fridge wipes to keep it smelling pleasant.

Don’t Overcrowd

Like washing machines, small cars and single beds, fridges can’t do their job properly if you overcrowd them full of things.The cooling process is disrupted, not to mention that your fridge will become disorganised and food will go missing underneath the clutter, only to resurface months later as unrecognisable brown mush. Ew.

7 Essential Appliance Repair Tips

You can always find local authorized dealers or technicians that are able to repair home appliances such as air conditioners, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines or refrigerators. Attempting to repair the malfunction yourself is not only time consuming but it is also dangerous, so make sure to contact an authorized technician when your home appliances are defective. However, some minor repairs can be carried out by anyone, provided that they follow some basic safety procedures. Here are some of the most useful appliance repair tips that are the same for trained technicians and untrained home owners Maytag appliance repair pasadena.

1. Make sure to check whether the appliance still has a warranty. Most household appliances have warranties that become null when the device is opened outside authorized repair shops.

2. Try to determine the main reason why the appliance broke down and see if you need to replace any parts.

3. When diagnosing the appliance see if you can get a trained technician to help out. They will point out the defective parts quicker and will know from where to purchase the right type of spare part.

4. Safety is vital when it comes to repairs. Always switch off the appliance and make sure that it is unplugged.

5. Make sure to open the appliance in an area that provides you with good lighting and plenty of space to place the appliance cover, spare parts, tools.

6. If you are working on a heavy appliance make sure to get help if you need to lift it, otherwise you could get injured.

7. Make sure you have the right tools and documentation for your appliance.

Appliance repair tools

There are some very specific tools that are required to practice any profession, and when it comes to repairmen and technicians who deal with electrical appliances, the most important tool is the ohm/voltage meter. Ohm meters measure the resistance of appliances, which is a good measure of the functionality of an appliance. The ohm meter will let you know when a device has an electrical shortage or any other sort of electrical problem. The voltage meter is useful in determining the cause of potential appliance problems. In many cases, the electrical outlet is responsible for breakdowns, and the voltage meter will measure the voltage provided by the outlets.