It is important to know how to correctly clean your gas stove. Before any operation of cleaning and maintenance you must disconnect the appliance from the electrical network.

When the appliance is not being used, it is advisable to keep the gas tap closed. Every now and then you need to check to make sure that the flexible tube that connects the gas line or the gas cylinder to the appliance is in perfect condition. Eventually you will have to substitute it if it shows signs of wearing or damage. The periodical lubrication of the gas taps must be done only by a specialist. If a tap becomes stiff, do not force it. Rather contact your local gas service centre to assist you with repairing this. Remember to never use cleaning products with a chlorine or acidic base stove and oven repair san marino.

All the enamelled parts of the gas stove must be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water or other non-abrasive products. Dry it with a microfibre or soft cloth. Acidic foods like lemon juice, tomato sauce, vinegar etc. can damage the enamel if left too long. So be sure to remove these foods as soon as possible to avoid any damage.

Foods that are burned on the hot plates must always be cleaned dry. Don’t use water as this can lead to the forming of rust. After its use, instead pour a bit of oil onto the warm plate and rub it with a cloth to clean the burnt food on the hot plates.

When it comes to the stainless steel and aluminium parts whether they are painted or silk-screen printed surfaces, you need to clean it using an appropriate product. Plus it always must be dried thoroughly. These parts must be cleaned very carefully to avoid scratching and abrasion. It is advisable to use a soft cloth and a neutral soap. Be cautious to not use abrasive substances or non-neutral detergents as these will irreparably damage the protective surface.

The stainless steel front panels on the gas cooker, namely the facia, oven door and bottom panel are protected by a finger-print proof lacquer. To avoid damaging this lacquer, do not clean the stainless steel with abrasive Cleaners, abrasive cloths or scouring pads. Only use soap and warm water to clean the gas stove’s stainless steel surface.

The gas stove’s burners can be removed and washed with soapy water only. They will remain perfect if it is cleaned with products that are generally used for silverware. After cleaning or washing the burners, check that burner-caps and burner-heads are dry before placing them in their respective positions.

It is quite easy to keep your gas appliances clean especially if you do this regularly.

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How To Correctly Clean Your Gas Stove

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